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woman in pink dress holidng spring flowers on a dirt road

I am a small-town Florida dog breeder and digital marketer specializing in creating templates, ebooks, and courses for dog breeders who need help setting up a business framework to sell their responsibly bred puppies quickly and efficiently.


Currently obsessed with a nontoxic lifestyle, puppies, and curly hair products, I've been keepin' real since 1987.

woman in pink dress holidng spring flowers on a dirt road


I wasn't always here. I didn't always have the business, the customers, the sales...

In fact, after a failed first marriage, I found myself back at my parents' house with a 3-year-old, no degree, and no direction. With some help from my baby brother, I bought a starter camera and established my photography business. After remarrying, my husband bought me a Boston terrier as a wedding gift. We decided to breed her on a whim because we had fallen in love with her breed and really wanted a companion puppy. Little did we know we would make a full-time business out of it.

For well over a decade, I continued imperfectly building the photography business of my dreams. With the addition of a new business breeding Boston terriers and health issues settling in, I found a passion for marketing, as I had already been using it for both businesses for years on my own.


I was excited but still didn't have a vision for how or who I wanted to help until I made a quick comment underneath a breeder's post in a Facebook group. I finally found who needed me most: other dog breeders who breed quality pups and couldn't sell them. They know how to breed their pups well but have never learned the business and marketing side of breeding. Having experience in both fields has helped me develop a system that sells our pups within 30 minutes of opening our waitlist. Now, I am here to teach you how to do the same. No gatekeeping.

Want to know what lights me up? Helping dog breeders harness the power to take control of their business! If you're ready to level up your breeding business, drop me a message to see how we can set up a framework that will work for your breeding program!

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